Summer School (United Kingdom – USA – Ireland)   15 Day

Summer School 2021 (United Kingdom – USA – Ireland)

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, traveling plans that have been drawn up in advance only end up as a discourse. Of course, in 2021 this will give birth to new enthusiasm and hope, as well as the right time to realize the traveling plan that was delayed.

The Study & Travel practice is again organizing the Summer School Program, of course with a fresher approach for students who choose to study, see the wider world, the option to carry out activities in more attractive places, as well as interactive trips that are valuable learning and entertainment. We use major tourist destinations such as London, Cambridge and Oxford as 'classrooms' where students are shown a rich history and culture through walking tours and visits to museums, colleges, cathedrals and other points of interest. Carefully arranged travel directions that allow students to visit famous landmarks and learn about their location and history, as well as enjoy everyday life in the city.

Course Sample Program





Day 1

Arrivals Welcome

Movie Night

Day 2

Full Day in London and London Eye


Day 3



Murder Mystery

Day 4

Full Day in London and Shakspear’s Globe

Karaoke Night

Day 5



Bingo Night

Day 6

Full Day Excursion to Cambridge

Movie Night

Day 7




Day 8

Full Day Excursion in London and Dinner at Planet Hollywood

Scavenger Hunt

Day 9




Day 10

Full Day Excursion in London and River Cruise

Talent Show Preparation and Newspaper Fashion Show

Day 11



Talent Show Preparation and Newspaper Fashion Show

Day 12

Full Day Excursion to London

Talent Show Preparation and Disco

Day 13

Full Day Excursion to Brighton

Talent Show Preparation and Quiz Night


Day 14

Sport and Social Games Activities on Campus

Talent Show

Day 15


London Greenwich

London Greenwich - praktik

Shakspear’s Globe

Shakspear’s Globe - praktik


Quick Info

Ages 13 – 17 years

Group Only

Accomodation Residental (Single room, en-suite)


What’s Include?

30 Hours of English Lessons

Full Day Excurcion

Full Board

Airport Transfer


Mery - Praktik Nusa Tur

berjalanlah sejauh mungkin, banyak tempat menakjubkan yang sayang untuk dilewatkan.

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